Uh-oh, SpaghettiOs!

As we meandered down the aisles at ze Target the other day, Charmander managed to take a break from assaulting Squirtle when he noticed this can haphazardly shoved amidst a sea of mac & cheese:

Luigi is kind of meatballs

Patty cake, patty cake, pasta man; give me pasta power as fast as you can.

Yeah, clearly, we bought it, as that pic was taken at our house, and not the store. I have a hard time saying no to junk my kids ask for when it’s related to video games, and he was so excited about Mario, so I had to support that. Also, when I was a kid, albeit an older one, the ultimate in fine dining was a can of Sonic variety of SpaghettiOs. Every once in a while, my mom would even spring for the can with meatballs, which was extra epic at the time, and kind of depressing/horrifying, now that I think on it as an adult: We were *that* poor that the can that cost 20 cents more was a burden on our budget. Also, I thought this was good food? The latter is more a commentary on my mom’s cooking, but we’re getting off-topic.

Lunch time!

That it's in a red bowl and a green bowl is actually purely coincidental.

That it’s in a red bowl and a green bowl is actually purely coincidental.

One of Charmander’s first observations was that “the meatballs taste like pizza crust”, which I think is a compliment? The crust is his favorite part. This also brings some relevant nostalgia to my day, as we used to have pizza day once a week, and it was during the Super Mario Bros Super Show that we would eat it. Meeeemories.

Hey, Pizanos!

This is autographed by Captain Lou Albano. Insert your jealousy here.

Anyways, Charmander ate about half the bowl, and Squirtle just drank his juice, but that’s actually par for the course. It was a good learning experience, though. Charmander was able to explain on his own to his brother that the squares were supposed to be bricks, and the flowers Fire Flowers. He was really confused over the Super Mushrooms and Goombas for some reason, though. He kept asking what the difference was between the big mushrooms and the little mushrooms. We *have* played Mario games in this house; I don’t know what the problem was there.

Much adventure. Such shapes.

These shapes make up like, 2% of the actual pasta, though.

Also, I gotta say that Mario was looking kind of Wario in there, but maybe that was just me. The boys were pretty disappointed that there wasn’t a separate Luigi noodle. I think I’m going to email the company and suggest that they just flip a pic of the Mario pasta on the label and claim it’s Luigi to appease my children. Another fun fact: The Year of Luigi business was very successful in raising my kids’ awareness of the character. No lie; before all the promotion, Squirtle referred to the other Mario brother as “that green guy”. It was like he was an NPC in a Mario RPG. Fun times.

I don’t think we’ll be picking up another can of this, or any other SqaghettiOs; I think it’s more cost-efficient to make actual spaghetti and meatballs, but it was an experience, so there ya go. If they make some Mario mac & cheese, though, we will be all over that nonsense.