On Arcades, Part 1

Well, this week I had delayed the blog post from Sunday until Monday because we had a Plan that did not follow through: take Charmander to an arcade.

It was supposed to be his first “real” arcade experience, but it didn’t happen, and upon further thought, he has had some decent arcade exposure, I guess. Husbachu and I still went, but the kids all stayed with their grandparents and splashed at the pool near said elderly folk’s home. While we were at the arcade, we saw several other people come in with small children there, and it made me a little extra disappointed. At least we were able to play stuff together in relative piece. The DDR cabinet had Caramell Dansen on it, which is a fad that just did not last long enough for my taste. Please, internet, let’s go back to making every single fictional character ever do this happy, stupid dance.

Anyways, arcades with kids. At first, when I realized Charmander had been to an arcade before, it was the boardwalk ones that I thought of. Those *kind* of don’t really count at all. They’re mostly just crane games and poker and ski ball and what have you. Then, I remembered there was that one that had all those retro machines, like The Simpsons game and stuff, so there’s that. He didn’t actually play any of the games the last time we were there, though, because it was at least 2 years ago. After that I realized, if I racked my brain further back, he had another arcade experience: An exhibit at PAX East, a gaming convention, featuring an arcade museum. (PRO TIP: Do not take a very small child to a convention with you unless you enjoy spending an early night alone with them in a hotel room while everyone else is having a blast and making the most of all the money that was spent to get you there.) He was really young, then, and I know he doesn’t remember the experience. Oh, and I took him to see Wreck-It Ralph in the theater, which portrays arcades in a kind of hilariously wholesome light. The movie scared him a little bit, though. Ah, well.

When I first met Husbachu back in the day, he had been planning to open his own arcade, which sounded uber awesome to me. Unfortunately, that dream has died. Arcades were an important part of his childhood; his own father would have the games babysit for Husbachu while he caught up on his reading. I know that my husband would like his own son to share in the experience with him. Here’s hoping the next time I intend to write about, I will actually have that to write about. Until then, I’ll be dreaming of winning the lottery and opening a  in our town.Club Sega franchise in our town.