A Quick PvZ related update

Hey, it’s been a while! I had been working on a longish post for awhile, and then I didn’t work on it at all… and I’ll probably never get the kinks worked out of it, so maybe it’s just time to move on. There has been a lot of moving on in our household, but Plants Vs Zombies is still well loved. In fact, Charmander just had his 6th birthday, and decided it needed to be PvZ themed. Again. Here’s a mural I made for them to color in at the party. I thought it came out pretty well for a last minute, free-hand job:

His name is blurred out for identity protection; I did not really pixilate it on my wall, ha ha.

Anyways, PvZ is here to stay, still… but there are some new loves I hope to share with you soon. Like Pikmin! The boys love Pikmin now! Exciting! But there is for another day. For now, have another simple set of PvZ paper cut outs:


2 thoughts on “A Quick PvZ related update

  1. You rock!!!!! These are awesome, I’m looking forward to decorating my son’s cake with these this weekend. Thank you for putting these together!

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