Famitsu Confirms Skyward Sword’s Fi As Playable Character In Hyrule Warriors

I haven’t had time to write my own blog lately; here’s some random game games.

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fi_famitsu_hyrule_warriorsFamitsu has confirmed the latest playable character in Hyrule Warriors following Zelda Musou’s Twitter tease yesterday. Given the tweet’s language and its “98 per cent” chance of a character reveal, many guessed it would be the level-headed, analytical Fi from Skyward Sword. And the latest, albeit tiny, Famitsu scan – which you can see above – confirms the talented ballet dancer as a playable character.

In due time, we’re likely to see a character trailer for Fi, so expect some rather nifty sword techniques accompanied with interpretative dance and sparkling pixie dust. But if Fi’s not your character of choice here, the Famitsu scan also reveals Link with the ball and chain item – first appearing in Twilight Princess – and what appears to be an alternate Skyward Sword costume for the Hylian hero and Zelda. Hopefully we’ll see those in action soon. Hyrule Warriors will arrive on the Wii U…

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