Press Start

So, today is Sunday, and today I am sitting alone in my house attempting to write a blog. One that I initially intended to start writing about… a year ago? Possibly. Seems a bit crazy to me now that I had no time to do it then when I was only at 2 kids. Now, I have three, and my time is infinitely smaller. But I love my family, and I love to share (actually, no, I don’t, but we’re going to pretend I do to make this sound soppier, and a blog is all about sharing, right? “Share” is in the name of this one, for Kupo’s sake!), so I am all about sharing my love of video games with my family.

I would imagine that most people would just write an “about me” or something on a separate page, but I am actually going to waste everyone’s lives by giving a little overview of my situation in general here. And I’ll move it later in my excessive spare time. Or possibly just say I will, and play a game instead. Whatevs. Here goes:

Hi, kids. You can call me Mint. I’m in my lower 30s, and have been playing video games, or at least observing the playing of video games, for as long as I can remember. I believe my earliest memory is of Q*Bert being played on a Commodore 64. Sorry, I’m writing here, so I’m not taking a moment to fact check whether that was ported to that or not for reals; you can do that yourselves if you think I’m lying. That’s how I remember it! I didn’t start playing any games myself until we got an NES. It was hooked up to a black and white TV most of the time, until one of my (four!) older brothers purchased a color TV. The first game on that system I saw in color was the Legend of Zelda. I didn’t play much of it back then, as I was like, a preschooler or something, but I loved watching it. When I played, I mostly did rounds of RC Pro-am. Backwards. The first game I actually beat was Super Mario World. The first game that I beat that my gaming brother didn’t beat was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. And the first game I kicked his ass in was Star Fox 64. The first gift that my future husband gave to me was a bootleg soundtrack of Gitaroo Man. The game that I was playing in the hospital when I had my first son was the GBA port of Chrono Trigger, although my more active game at the time was my 3rd, final, successful attempt at slugging through Legend of Mana. The first game I intend to play after I finish typing this and finish taking a nap is Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII. I got it on launch, but I’m on Day 3 because I have very little time to play, because I have children, whose names I will conceal in this blog because all the cool kids protect their kids identities or something. So, my kids are:

Charmander: My 5 year old. A true gamer at heart, he can get very frustrated and rage quit at times. His favorite game/obsession is Plants Vs Zombies, so I’ll be mentioning that a lot in this blog. The first entry in the series was the first game he ever beat, and all on his own, too! I was a little older when I beat my first game. He does enjoy a variety of other franchises, as well. In fact, he’s out right now in a Sonic shirt. Wheeee.

Squirtle: My 3 year old. Understandably, he does not play as many video games as his brother. He’s more active, which I try to encourage, despite the vibe you may be getting here. He does really enjoy thinking that he’s playing Mario games, though!

Bulbasaur: My 6 month old. Enjoys chewing on electronic devices and sapping my energy with leech seed.

Husbachu: My husband, until he gets mad about this new nickname I’ve never referred to him as before. Gaming together has always been a part of our lives, although we’ve been having a tough time fitting that sort of thing in lately. He’s currently working on Civilization V. His favorite games are um… Silent Hill 2 and Final Fantasy IV. Maybe. Maybe I’m a terrible wife and I’m wrong?

Well, there’s my exciting intro, topped off with my exciting family portrait sketch that I’m pretending that I will clean up and finish some day. See you next time for some actual experiences being shared!